This table

This photo makes me always feel emotional. I know it’s not well taken, and for all of you, it might seem just the photo of a table with some empty glasses and dishes.
When I think about this table I remember all the sounds that enclose, the sounds of my family talking, the screams of the children playing, the clashing sounds that glasses and dishes make together. I can still hear the crackling of the fireplace during the long winter afternoons, and the cicadas singing during the hot summer mornings.
I don’t remember just the sounds, I l feel the smells that this table emanates, the roast beef’s aroma, the delicious smell of the lasagna freshly taken out from the oven, and the fragrance of flowers that always makes me feel at home.
To me, this table best represents my family, but more specifically it represents the emotion that I link to my family all together.
Apart from the table, the most important part is my seat, my seat has always been at the head of the table, just next to the oven, for me that is the best place. In front of me is seated my grandpa, and even though he doesn’t like to share verbally his emotions, you can notice happiness sparkling in his eyes. For me, that sparkle is something magic. Moreover, since I am seated next to the oven, I am in the heart of the kitchen. This helps me to be more immersed in all the sounds and flavors that stay in this room.
Since I am seated at the head of the table sometimes, instead of eating, I spend time just staring at the faces of my loved ones. Seeing all their smiling faces makes me feel happy, and all the problems of the day disappear.
During these moments, I realize how lucky I am, since it doesn’t matter how far I go because every time I can come back home, that table is always waiting for me. And even though I am changing over the year the sounds and the flavors and, more importantly, the people that seats next to me are always ready to welcome me. Making me part of this huge magic called family.

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