I am Back!

Hey guys! Finally, after more than one month I am back on my website. To be honest, in the past few weeks I was feeling a bit down and I didn’t know what to write about, mostly since nothing exciting happened during this month.
At the beginning of December is was feeling super excited, I love Christmas and I think is one of the best period ever. I helped my grandma with food prep, I decorated the house, and I went Christmas shopping with a lot of time in advance. I was R-E-A-D-Y! Also, since I knew that the Christmas period was going to be tough for my stomach I tried to have just light meals the week before, I tried my best to avoid the walk of shame on the scale three weeks after. For my family, Christmas celebrations formally start at the 24th lunchtime, when we gather all together at my Grandma house for eating “Pittule” that are basically bread balls deep-fried both served plain or with sardine. But the real deal it’s for dinner, where we have a 5 hours dinner with all the imaginable food possible (but just fish-based since on the 24th you’re not supposed to eat meat). Since I wanted to enjoy fully my dinner, I decided to limit my lunch intake since I know that I feel full easly. So, I sat at the table watching my family stuffing their faces with these fried goods while I tasted just a couple of them. But I was excited about the next meal, so I didn’t mind too much. But here comes trouble, during the afternoon my throat started to feel itchy, but I didn’t pay to much attention to it, I just thought that a warm tea would solve everything. I was wrong! One hour before the dinner my conditions started to get worst. And my dream of eating a bunch of delicious food was ruined for this year.
Even though I was feeling sick I enjoyed the time with my family, and I also received a bunch of cute gifts. But since I didn’t want to get worst, I decided to take some cold pills before going to bed, hoping to spend a normal Christmas. And, once again, I was wrong. During the night I got up feeling like dying I couldn’t swallow, I couldn’t bread, and I had a high fever. P-E-R-F-E-C-T! Therefore, I spend 3 days eating mashed potatoes and chicken broth since they were the only things that I could eat without feeling like eating glass. And, while my family spent time playing games and having fun, I was laying on my bed waiting for my death. (Dramatic much?)
And here it is my unfortunate story about one of my worst Christmas ever. I hope you did spend wonderful Christmas holidays. Also HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYSS!!

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