Looking for the Best Burger in London?

In these days I am always writing about food, maybe is it because I’m dieting? Anyways since I am limiting myself I will spoil you with my favorite burger places in London.
The majority of these places will be near Holloway road since I used to live in that area. Maybe In my next post I can write about where to eat in Holloway road.

Well I’ll think about it later. Anyway If you are craving for a flavorful burger and you don’t want to waste money at places like Burger King and others, this post will be perfect. So without further doubts here are my 5 favorite burger in London:

Shake Shack,
address: All over London
This place, even though is a food chain, offers one of the best burgers in London. The buns are flavorful, moreover both the salad and the tomato slices are super fresh. An important remind is to taste their fries/chips since they are to die for. I didn’t try their shakes, since I am not a huge fan of milk but all my friends recommended it so they must really be delicious.

Home Burger,
address: 9 Regis Road, London, NW5 3EW
Warning! This is DELIVERY only therefore is not possible eating there. But I couldn’t leave it out of my list since I’ve eaten their burgers almost once a week for a year. The burgers are enormous and full of meat and vegetables. Also the chips are delicious and really crispy. The menu also offers different side dishes like chicken wings and cheese sticks but I never tried them since the burger was more than enough for me. But If you’re lucky enough sometime the shops like giving some extra portion for free you maybe you can have some special treat without spending money.

address: 95-97 High Holborn, Holborn, London WC1V 6LF,
If you are looking for a burger with high quality ingredients and unexpected flavor Hache is the perfect one for you. Hache also offers a brunch menu with different dishes, perfect for a big group of friends with different tastes. Also the menu has a long list of Vegetarian dishes therefore everyone will be satisfied with their choice.

Cut + Grind Burgers,
Winner of the 2018 best burger awards. Therefore my description I don’t think it’s even needed. Their meat is really flavorful and juicy, in other words perfect. Moreover on Wednesday night there is the “Steak special” therefore you can taste a perfect stake with a low price (Win win situation right?).

address: All over London,
Last but not least. Byron is a really well known burger place in London their burgers are massive and their restaurant are really stylish. The perfect place for a nice date (well if you enjoy seeing your partner eating with greasy hands and biting a bun like a caveman) well, maybe not for a first date. Anyway I love their sauce and they have small chips that are my ultimate favorite.

Well now, after writing and remembering all these beautiful places and delicious burgers I am going to eat my salad without dressings while crying. If you liked these places or you have some stories about it feel free to comment below.

Salut my dearest

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