London, the city that never sleeps

If you like being surrounded by cars, running people and rain London surely is the city perfect for you. When you live in London you front different stages of mind set.
When you first arrive there you feel euphoric, everything seems amazing new and extremely stylish. You start making plans about you fancy life there and you go sightseeing the most famous attraction. Yeah the streets smells really bad and in some areas it feels like living in a dumpster but during the first month you don’t care since you are immersed in a cloud of new sensation and emotions. During this first phase you are going to spend A LOT. London is super expensive therefore while you are drinking your glass of Prosecco while seated in one of the famous rooftop admiring the breathtaking view you don’t realize that you’re spending 1hour of your salary.

After the first idyllic weeks you are going to start settling down, you have to find a flat, looking for a job or starting the university. Here comes troubles my friends. The second phase is starting, and it seems less exiting that the first one.
Finding a good flat in London is almost like finding water in the desert, impossible. Well maybe I am being a bit too dramatic or I was just unlucky (what a news) or again I have too high standards. Well anyways. I suggest to download the “Spareroom” app since the majority of the flats are advertised there. What do you have to do:

  • Try to find your flat in a nice area that is well furnished with all the necessities. I know that living in the center is nicer but rooms are more expensive and sometimes room less central are cheaper and nicer.
  • Evaluate the transport cost not only the rent! Transport fees are quite expensive so keep it in mind
  • Always visit the flat before renting it, sometimes the photo in the adds are different or even sometimes the flat does not even exist. Try to avoid being scammed!
  • There are some months where finding a room is harder or even period where the rent are higher due to the high demand like September for example.
  • Talk with the landlord and even if you have the smallest doubt or demand.
  • Check if it is clean, if the people living there are not cleaning you are going to face unlucky situation or even you are going to clean the whole flat by yourself. Also ask if there is a Cleaner or even if you can have one.
  • If you don’t like the flat just say no directly. But on the contrary If you like it take is immediately otherwise it can fall through.
  • Most of the flat are shared among different people. Every house is different but for the majority you are not going to have strong relations with your flatmates. Since everyone have their own schedule is even hard sometimes meeting them.

For finding a job I don’t have any direct experience since I lived there as a student but if you’re interested I can collect some information about it from my friends that are still there.

After settling down the third phase begin, creating a routine. London is a busy city, you don’t have time to do anything and everything seem to rush. Usually I enjoy taking long walks and while I was living there I tried to have 1 hour walk every day. Even though it should be a relaxing moment I was always rushing since all the people around me seemed to be runny somewhere. So instead of having a relaxing power walk every time I was racing against myself. Anyway you are going to be B-U-S-Y always. That mean that if you want to have a personal life you need to plan. There are some tools that can help you to save time like for example asking for having the groceries delivered or doing a to-do list very detailed.

After the creation of a boring routine you start to feel suffocated by the city itself. Since everything seems chaotic you start to feel trapped. You need a vacation or even a relaxing day. To overcome this sorrow I suggest you to have a day off, doing whatever you want or even trying to see your friends as much as possible. Sometimes in this city full of people you can feel lonely therefore is always better spending time with a group of friends creating good memories.

Even though this city is chaotic and you get tired of it sometimes, you are going to gradually fell in love with it.

Salut my dearest

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