Is Brunch a Thing?

Well if you are living in London brunch is a must. Therefore if you want to show with your friends bringing them to the best places in London well then you are in the right place. Here below I am presenting my favorite brunch places in London
Shall we start?

Bread and Bean,
37 Junction Rd, Upper Holloway, London N19 5QU,
If you are looking for a relaxing place where you can chat with your friends while eating good food, this is the right cafe. This is a nice cafe that offers a huge variety of sweets and cakes and it has a long list of the most typical brunch dishes like the English Breakfast (beans, eggs, bacon, sausage and mushrooms) or pancakes. The coffee sold is also delicious and their latte is to die for.
The place also has a vegetarian menu therefore vegetarians are welcomed. Even though the options are limited but at the same time you are going to find something delicious.

The Breakfast Club,
address: around London
This is a famous food chain in London, their shops are spread all over the city therefore you’ll not have problem finding them. The diner has a strong entity, the 80s influences are really strong yet the place has a young and vibrant vibe. The Breakfast Club offers brunch all day long therefore If you’re craving for a breakfast sandwich or Benedicts eggs for Dinner you are good to go. The menu may vary from shop to shop but you’ll never be disappointed. A dish to try is absolutely the “Pancakes and bacon” and the “All American”. Also try the Flat white since it was one of the best I’ve ever tried in London.

Soho Coffee Co.
address: 10 St. Paul’s Churchyard, London, EC4M 8AL
This is the right one for trying organic coffee and delicious handmade food. The cafe offers delicious cakes but their signature dish is the spud (steamed potatoes with different fillers). The shops offers both vegan and vegetarian options therefore everyone is welcomed. Also, if you’re in a hurry they also offer different kinds of premade sandwiches so you can just grab and go. The design of the shops is also interesting, the design is really cozy and it seems to be in the countryside for a moment.
I recommend the cakes, even though their spud seems to be delicious I prefer sweet dishes for brunch therefore I’ve never tried them.

Bun House,
address: 26-27 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BA,
Craving for an Asian Brunch? Then the Bun house is the perfect place. This small shop offers different kinds of Chinese bread (BAO) with different fillings. The menu also have other delicious dishes but I think that the baos are the diamond of the shop. Did I mention that a bao only costs 2.50£ and that you can have a nice brunch with less than 10£. All the Bao are delicious but my favorite is the vegetarian one that has inside the water chestnut with a lot of Oriental spices. Also if you like tea don’t forget to try their amazing combinations. The shop is quite small but it can be also nice to buy them and eat them in one of the parks nearby, mostly on a sunny day.

address: 8-10 Exmouth Market London, EC1R 4QA
I am finishing this small list with a more fancy place. At Grind your brunch can become the best set for a photo-shoot. You can flex on Instagram with both photos of the shop and their super cute dishes. Dishes to go for? The pancakes (obviously) garnished with cream and strawberries for a sweet start of the day. Divine also the breakfast tea that is served in a cute small tea pot. I usually went at Grind with my girl-friends to take cute photos and gossiping about the latest news. Moreover the cafe is placed in the Exmouth Market therefore after the brunch you can burn some calories while walking through the streets while looking for the best spot to have dinner in.

Here is a small list of places where you can have a nice Brunch in London, there other nice places where I’ve been in the past year, If you are interested I can write more about it in the next post.

Salut my dearest

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