Living in Korea

Yeouido Park

If I have to describe my experience in Korea with one word I would say: Challenging. I had to face numerous different struggles since the beginning of my journey, from not passing the overseas program to asking for the VISA. I moved to Korea not because I was interested in K-pop or Korean dramas but, since I studied Korean studies for three years, I wanted to improve my skills and I wanted to see personally all the things studied. I wanted to go to museums and walking in the main streets for seeing the buildings and the different styles.
I was 21 and it was my first experience overseas. I remember being at the airport with my three huge luggage and with my heart pounding like a hammer in my chest. My parents were looking at me with mixed feelings, I could notice that they were proud of my academic success and worried about sending me so far away. I remember my mother crying on my father chest while I was doing the security controls. But even though, I was sad about leaving them behind I was felling exited about this experience.

During my 13 hours flight my mind was running wild, I was creating different scenarios of what I was going to happened for these four months. I couldn’t sleep and moreover the guy next to me kept asking me questions for all the flight. Fortunately after all these hours I arrived in Seoul I was feeling exhausted and I was just looking forward to a bed to sleep on. But when I arrived at the hotel my room wasn’t ready ant the receptionist told me that I cannot wait in the lobby so I decided to take a walk around the area. During my walk I was hit by the realization that I was alone in a foreign country and that I was scared about talking with the people. Even though I was feeling discouraged I decided to go to the nearest bank to change some money and I eat something in a traditional restaurant. This helped me to be more at ease and to get used to the new environment. After a few hours my room was ready and I slept for the rest of the day.

First hotel room

After one week I entered in the University’s dorm and I met my roommate. The atmosphere was completely different from my home-country university, everything was bigger and more technological. It was my first time attending an all-girl university and the feeling was completely different everything seemed calmer and more quiet. Ewha Women’s University is considered as one of the best university in South Korea. The campus has an amazing structure and if you are visiting Seoul is one of the best places ever. All around the campus there are different shops that sells cute clothes and any kind of cosmetic products. Moreover there are numerous cute restaurant that offers both classical Korean dishes and more Westernized foods. If you are interested I can write about some of these places in a different post, just let me know.

Ewha women’s university

I spend four months studying at Ewha trying to fit in the environment and visiting different places. If you are interested, I can write about the best museums and things to do in Seoul that can be used as a guide for the future travelers. I am going to cut it short otherwise it will become an endless ranting about this breathtaking experience.

Salut my dearest

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