Best Restaurant near Ewha and Sinchon


Since today I wrote a lot about Korea and Seoul, I think that I am still inspired about writing about this beautiful country. Since I’ve talked about the best cafes in the area near Ewha woman’s University I decided to make also a small list about the best restaurant in this area. These are the places where I’ve eaten more frequently during my stay in Korea. Even now sometimes I am craving for their specialties therefore If you have the occasion to eat there please send me some photos or even share your impression about them ^^.
Since I was, and still am, a poor student you’re not going to find anything fancy on this list but all these places offer good food and different feelings. So without going further with this boring introduction here below the list of my beloved restaurant.

  • Egg and Spoon Race:
    address: 54-9 Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
    I know that this list should start with a traditional Korean restaurant but since this one is the nearest to Ewha I decided to put it first. This restaurant is mostly focused on brunches and offers a huge variety of dishes. You can also eat pizza or different types of pasta, of course all these dishes have a strong Korean influence so do not expect any authentic Italian cuisine. Also they offer some Korean foods but presented in a more westernized way. I recommend to try the pizza and the Bibimbap since it was really delicious. The price is a bit higher that eating Korean dishes but since it is near the university the prices are still lower than other brunches places.
  • Gil Cuisine:
    address: 서대문구 이화여대7길 31-3 신촌동 (Sorry I just found the Korean address)
    Apparently in my list there are a lot of brunch places (since I am a basic white girl haha). Differently from the Egg and Spoon Race, Gil Cuisine offers more authentic brunch dishes like pancakes and eggs based dishes. Mostly since the chef is European therefore he’s more used to these flavors. The atmosphere in this restaurant is more relaxed and since there are just few tables the place is never crowded. I think that the best moment for going there is at 11:00 pm on a rainy day, so you can sit at the table near the window while drinking a warm tea and reading your favorite book. I highly recommend the banana pancakes and the sausage brunch place. Usually I was going at Gil Cuisine when I was home-sick and I was craving for some Western delicacy.
  • Pho Bay:
    address: Corea del Sud, Seoul, Seodaemun-gu, Sinchon-dong, Yonsei-ro, 27-1 대성빌딩 2층
    This is a Vietnamese restaurant, near Ewha university you can find a huge variety of Vietnamese places. The price is really affordable and it’s perfect for poor students haha. The regular pho is delicious and their broth is one of the best I’ve ever tried in Korea. I highly recommend not only the pho but also the spring rolls since you have the possibility to make them based on your personal taste. Moreover, the place offers free wi-fi, perfect for tourist that may be traveling without data, or just me running out of data.
  • Delicious steamed tofu and kimchi:
    address: 36 Myeongmul-gil, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
    Finally the first Korean restaurant on the list!! We did it! While living in Korea I loved eating “Soft tofu Stew” therefore all my favorite Korean restaurant are mostly focused on this amusing dish. The store is under a group of nice ladies (beware they do not talk English so you can improve your Korean here) that will give you a really family like atmosphere. Here you can try different kinds of stew with different kinds of ingredients: from ham and cheese to seafood. I personally recommend beef stew but all are really delicious. If you aren’t craving for a hot and spicy stew then you can always order a Gyeran-mari (a rolled omelette with different ingredients, mostly vegetables and served with ketchup).
  • Huku Sushi:
    address: 10 Ewhayeodae 3-gil, Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
    If you are craving for some sushi this is one of the best places to do. The portions are abundant and the quality of the fish is excellent. The prices are reasonable and they offer a huge variety of dishes and sushi. The restaurant is not really spacious therefore beware of it ^^. Since I am a huge sushi fan I cannot suggest just a singular dish but you should try all of them because they are flavorful.
  • 모모타로:
    address: sorry I couldn’t find the actual address of this place again (I’ll work harder for the next post). This is a restaurant that offers a huge variety of dishes mostly udon and bibimbap. The prices are extremely low but the food is really good and the waitresses are extremely nice and friendly. I personally recommend the traditional udon since the broth is delicious and there are different ingredients.

Soft tofu stew

This is just a small list if you are interested I can make a part two with other suggestions. Let me know about it in the comments ^^

Salut my dearest

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