Best cafes near Ewha and Sinchon

Ewha’s Campus

Ewha women’s University is one of the most important universities in Seoul. The university is located in the Seodaemun-gu, district and it’s near the Shinchon area. Around the campus you can find different shops, cafes and restaurants. In this post I will recommend some of the best cafes, if you are visiting Seoul or you have already been there feel free to share your stories in the comments.


Cafes in South Korea are extremely important since you have the possibility to study in there or just to relax during a long summer day or during a windy winter afternoon. Usually cafes have free Wi-Fi and you can spend as many hours as possible inside. During my stay in Seoul I’ve spend at least 4 hours everyday in a cafe since I had to study hard for my exams.
Here below I’m giving you a list of my favorite cafes near Ewha and Shinchon area.

  • Cafe Pera
    address: 2 Ewhayeodae 8-gil, Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
    Just next to Ewha’s main entrance this cafe offers a long lists of delicious cakes and they also offer high quality coffee. The shops is quite big so you can find easily a place to sit. Moreover, since the shop is just next to the university numerous students visit the place, that makes it the perfect place to study or just to spend a quite afternoon while chatting with your friends.
  • Zoo Coffee
    address: N/A
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact address. Sorry everyone I’ll try harder next time. Even this cafe is just next Ewha’s main entrance. I remember their cakes mostly (I highly recommend the salted caramel cake since it was delicious). The cafe is designed mostly for the students therefore is the perfect place for studying by yourself or even for group projects.
  • Petitereine
    address: 43 Ewhayeodae-gil, Sinchon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
    If you are looking for a fancy looking place to have some coffee and cakes with your friends this is the best place. The cafe offers a long collection of cakes and macarons, the price is a bit high but is worth it. This cafe is not really suitable for studying but since it’s really relaxing is perfect for hanging out with some friends, chatting in front of a warm cup of coffee.
  • Cafe D’Z
    Address: Corea del Sud, Seoul, Seodaemun-gu, Sinchon-dong, Yonsei-ro 5na-gil, 14 2층
    This cafe is in the central area of Sinchon just in front of Changchun Culture Park. The cafe has two floors and it also has a small garden where you can drink a warm tea during the night with a warm blanked wrapped all over you. The cafe offers special coffee mix where you can choose the intensity and the bitterness. Also don’t forget to try their rainbow cake since it’s pure heaven. Another hot item is the matcha latte, is heavenly both warm and cold.
Cafe D’Z
  • The Bread Blue
    address: 3 Sinchon-ro 12da-gil, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Corea del Sud
    This is the perfect place for all the vegan readers. This cafe offers all different kinds of vegan treats and also numerous vegan lattes, where you can choose your favorite kind of plant milk. It offers also different kinds of bread, this helped me a lot when I was craving for some salty bread that sometimes is really hard to find in Korea. I highly recommend the cream roll since it seemed as the regular one even though its deary free. Also the staff here is really friendly and sometimes they give you some items for free, mostly when you do a big purchase.

These are just few of the thousand cafes there are in the areas. Unfortunately I don’t have much photos since I am not an Instagram girl but if you have any other suggestions or photos feel free to comment below ^^

Salut my dearest

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