That’s me

Writing about myself is always difficult. So I’m going to start by giving you some basic information, I am in 20ies and currently, I am looking for a job. During the past few years, I travelled a lot. Since I lived abroad for a long period, this helped me to become more independent. But right now, after 5 years of living by myself and being far away from my family, I decided to come back to my hometown to start my adulthood here. I think that it was my biggest mistake!

Don’t get me wrong I love my hometown and being with my family is cool, but It feels like being back to the highschool years. After five long years of being an independent lady living with my parents sometimes became quite chaotic. You feel an adult that has to behave like a teenager and that’s frustrating sometimes.

Through this blog I am going to talk about some hardships linked with this changing period of my life, since after 20 years of being a student I am approaching the adult world. I don’t have any high expectations for this project, I just want to share my highs and lows with other people.
I promise you that in the future the quality of my posts will increase and that all of them will not be as shitty as this one.
Salut my dearests

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